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Infinite canvas apps are great for brainstorming and idea development, but they become even more powerful when you link them to your existing library of notes. In this screencast, Mike walks you through using Obsidian Canvas to make more of your notes and ideas inside your Obsidian vault.

You learn about the basic features, including the different types of media that can be added to Obsidian Canvas. Mike also introduces you to a few Community Plugins that make Obsidian Canvas even more useful.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Enabling Canvas [00:01:11]
  • Adding Notes to the Canvas [00:02:46]
  • Adding Images [00:06:44]
  • Adding Cards [00:09:53]
  • Code Snippets in Cards [00:12:41]
  • Adding Web URLs [00:14:58]
  • Obsidian Canvas Plugins [00:17:34]
  • Advanced Canvas [00:18:22]
  • Canvas Send to Back [00:23:14]
  • Simple CanvaSearch [00:24:47]

Show Links:


Advanced Canvas plugin

Canvas Send to Back plugin

Simple CanvaSearch plugin

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Ferrers Young

Thank you. Very useful — opened my eyes to this function of Obsidian that I didn't realise existed… I'd appreciate a follow-up tutorial on Code Snippets in Cards.

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