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The Omni Group's OmniOutliner is widely regarded as the premier outlining tool on both macOS, iPadOS and iOS. Currently on version 5, it is popular due to its impressive ability to be both easy to use, yet complex enough for those who need to get that bit more power and flexibility. In this first video in his two-part series, Lee covers the pricing model and compares the two versions of the application. Using the Mac, he then runs through building your first outline from an existing template, explains rows and columns and their many parameters, as well as how to use to toolbar effectively and search for content across your outline.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Intro, Pricing and Features [00:00:55]
  • Resource Browser [00:03:52]
  • Working with Rows [00:06:39]
  • Columns Settings [00:13:42]
  • The OmniOutliner Toolbar [00:24:02]
  • Searching [00:32:18]

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OmniOutliner - Mac App Store

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OmniOutliner Product Page

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