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After receiving an Apple Design Award in 2016 on its first release, Bear has seen a lot of competition from other Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) applications.

With a re-engineered design, Bear 2.0 is here and it's added a number of features that fans of the app have been asking for. These include tables, nested Styles, folding of text and auto-hiding Markdown when it's typed. Add to that support for footnotes, link and PDF previews, image resizing, and more. This is a worthy update and Lee walks you through it in this screencast.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Interface & Creating Notes [00:01:33]
  • Markdown Basics [00:04:24]
  • Formatting Notes [00:05:59]
  • Using To Do Items [00:07:01]
  • Working with Lists [00:07:38]
  • Block Quotes & Separators [00:09:03]
  • Adding External Links [00:09:47]
  • Highlight Text [00:10:28]
  • Tables [00:10:48]
  • Inserting Images and PDFs [00:11:39]
  • Footnotes [00:13:00]
  • Folding Headers [00:14:03]
  • Using Tags [00:14:52]
  • Nested Tags [00:17:01]
  • Pinning Tags [00:18:48]
  • Linking to other notes [00:19:18]
  • Backlinks [00:20:50]
  • Searching for Notes and Text [00:21:28]
  • Find and Replace [00:23:58]
  • Web Clipping [00:24:45]
  • Note Options [00:25:56]
  • Info Panel [00:28:41]
  • Preferences [00:29:13]

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Bear - App Store

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Bear Product Site

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Allison Sheridan

I'm a HUGE fan of Bear, and Bear 2 is a fabulous upgrade. I offer one caution though. This version is not accessible for VoiceOver (screen reader) users. The developers have started working on it but it's not ready yet. This wouldn't be something I'd highlight so loudly, but Bear 2 is an entirely different database structure so once you upgrade you cannot go back. If you're recommending Bear 2 to anyone, please make sure to include that caveat!

Lee Garrett

Great shout Allison, I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for pointing this out!

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