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Creativity can be the most enjoyable aspect of a physical planner. This can be restricted with other apps that focus on the more logical elements of a journal such as calendar events, reminders and notes. Zinnia brings these two worlds together, giving users an infinite amount of creativity in a journal that serves an organisational purpose.

In this short video, Darcy shares his findings as he takes you on a tour of Zinnia on iPad to show you how it approaches planning and journaling, complete with decorative elements to make your journal personal.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Create a New Planner [00:00:32]
  • Studio [00:02:20]
  • Write, Draw and Insert [00:04:42]
  • Exporting and Options [00:07:19]
  • Ready to Go Planners [00:08:03]

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Download Zinnia - iOS App Store

Download Zinnia on the Mac App Store

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Developer Website

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