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Yoink - What's New?

Date : 11th February 2022

Duration: 26:04

Show ref: SCOM1125

In his return to ScreenCastsOnline, Richard goes back to an app he knows very well and has previously covered, and that's Yoink. This time though, he focuses on some of the newest features, shows you some tricks, and discusses using Handoff to swiftly move between Mac and iPad.

Yoink for Mac and iOS

Date : 12th April 2019

Duration: 43:13

Show ref: SCOM0829

By providing a temporary space to park your files and app data, Yoink makes moving those items around more intuitive and efficient.

This handy utility accepts any file from Finder, as well as data from almost any app. Whether you want to move or copy files to a different folder or hard drive on your Mac, or wish to collect images from a website before you move them to your desired destination, Yoink has got you covered. On iOS, Yoink is your shelf for all the things you drag, copy, and share.

This week Richard gives you a tour of Yoink, and shares a few of his favourite tips on the Mac.

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Yoink, AirDrop & LaunchBar

Date : 30th September 2011

Duration: 37:12

Show ref: SCOM0315

It's a MacMontage this week - a collection of utilities, hints and tips that don't warrant a show on their own.

Yoink - A peek at a new application that makes copying files in Full Screen Mode a snip. AirDrop - Previously only available to newer Macs, this simple hack will open it up for all your Macs LaunchBar Refresher - Not still using Launchbar just for application launching are you? This segment shows you some useful actions and services.