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ScreenCastsOnline Membership Benefits

Learn about the latest software and utilities

Memberships start from the equivalent of less than $6 per month,
and you can opt for a quarterly or annual membership. Try it first with the 14 days free trial, you can cancel with no obligation!

Automatic Delivery

New tutorials for Mac and iOS are delivered automatically every week via iTunes or via your favourite podcatcher. You can also download or stream any videos directly from the members area on the website

Immediate Access to ScreenCastsOnline Archive

As soon as you become a member, you'll receive immediate access to the huge ScreenCastsOnline archive of over 700+ Mac & iOS tutorials

Choice of Video Resolutions

All ScreenCastsOnline tutorials are available in multiple resolutions, right up to HD. Crystal clear and pin sharp, there's a version available to play on every Apple device or PC.

Free Subscription to the Monthly Magazine

Membership includes a complimentary subscription to the current
and future issues of our monthly iPad and iPhone magazine
available in Newsstand, covering all aspects of the Mac, iPad and iPhone.
Each issue packed with videos, articles, reviews and hints and tips.

Joining takes seconds, and grants you immediate, unlimited access to all the membership benefits including the entire archive of over 700+ tutorials.

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Some Common Membership Questions

What is ScreenCastsOnline?
ScreenCastsOnline is acknowledged as a premier source of Mac and iOS video tutorials, with a huge library of over 700+ video tutorials available for immediate download. Two brand new video tutorials are published every week, covering the latest and greatest Mac and iOS applications, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest developments, and make the most out of your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

The video tutorials are high resolution screen captures, with a spoken commentary explaining what is happening on screen. Each tutorial is carefully crafted to explain how the applications work, and more importantly, to give you a dramatic head start on mastering the application.

It's a really easy way to find out and learn about all the new and essential applications available for your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

ScreenCastsOnline is unique in that it is one of the very few (the only?) UK Mac based video tutorial services. We're a small man and wife team based out of the UK and have been in business since August 2005. To date we've produced over 700+ screencasts, and we pride ourselves in delivering impeccable customer service.
What is included in the membership

As a ScreenCastsOnline member you'll get two new, up to the minute, video tutorials each week - You can have these new tutorials delivered to you automatically each week via iTunes, or direct to your iPad or iPhone via a third party "podcatcher". Full instructions are provided when you join.

In addition, you'll get unlimited access to all the content on the ScreenCastsOnline website including the entire archive of previous tutorials, to view on the website or download to your computer, as well as a free subscription to the current and future issues of the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly iPad magazine, whilst your membership is in active.

The complimentary magazine subscription does not include access to previous issues of the magazine, but all the video content included within the magazines are available from the ScreenCastsOnline website.

What is the minimum membership period? Am I locked in?
We have a range of memberships to cover every budget and you're never locked in!

You can join on a recurring quarterly or yearly basis.
How easy is it to cancel? Can I get a refund?
You can cancel at anytime during your membership.

When you sign up, you'll receive a special link via email to access your payment details and to cancel your membership. Please be aware that we do not offer pro-rated refunds for cancelled memberships. Once you cancel, your membership will continue for the current payment period and then stop.

But what if I'm on a recurring membership, forget to cancel and you take another payment?

We know how annoying that is, but don't worry, just email us within 7 days of the payment and we'll refund the last payment in full and cancel your membership.
What happens when I cancel my membership?
All that happens is that you will no longer have access to the members only sections of the website, and iTunes will no longer download new tutorials automatically

Any tutorials you have downloaded will still work, it's just that you won't get access to the new tutorials each week, or to the ScreenCastsOnline archive
What types of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept most of the major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Although the membership price is shown in US dollars, once you start the sign up process, you'll be transferred to our online payment processor (FastSpring) and the amount will be converted to your local currency.

Depending on your location, you may need to pay local sales tax.
Further questions?
If you have any further questions, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Just send an email to and we'll attempt to get back to you with 24 hours.

We're in the UK time zone, but we don't work 9-5 hours so we might suprise you on how quickly we respond!


What Members Are Saying About ScreenCastsOnline
ScreenCastOnline is second to none the best resource online to learn about OSX and the software for the Mac.
I've been a member for several years and still I am looking forward to each new show.
Tor Berg
Expert advice on my favorite programs when I need it and introductions to stuff I don't know about yet.  Whats not to like!
James Rowse
Much more helpful than trying to alternate between a book/manual and the keyboard/screen
Bill Lucke
Always very informative and looking at the cutting edge of the Mac world
Chad West
ScreenCastsOnline Allows me to discover many of the interesting software out there.
When I already know about the software I often find out about features I did not know about.
My favorite episodes are the ones that talk about what happens behind the scenes.
Frantzcy Paisible
I love the variety. I have purchased so many useful apps that I would not have known existed if it weren't for ScreenCastsOnline. I find the episodes to be thorough as well. I am a very satisfied customer!
Kathleen Frasetto
Even in areas where I think I know it all you still manage to come up with useful titbits of information. Just watching the way you use the software and devices has sparked many ideas which have been of great value and fun. The fresh relaxed style of your presentations is a treat. Keep up the great work and I will happily keep up the support.
Roger M Catlin
The best Mac learning ever
Roger Liekens
Well paced and produced tutorials and reviews! Looks and feels effortless!
Jim Miles
Wonderful overviews of new software and hardware as well as excellent tips and tricks for software packages that I am already using.  It certainly keeps my Mac enthusiasm high.
Christopher Stein
ScreenCastsOnline is a great resource for finding out the little known features of programs I use every day as well as introducing me to new ones in an enjoyable as well as informative fashion.
Thank you for the wonderful service you provide.
David George
Mainly as it saves me time. When I need to know how to operate new software etc., I just watch the screen cast related to it, to bring me up to speed.
Andrew Griggs
All the extreme usefull tips and tricks. The high visual and audio quality off the podcasts.
Carsten Nielsen
It's the original and the best!
Rich Lin 
ScreenCastsOnline is the cadillac of online training of all things Mac. Concise, thorough and gorgeous to watch in HD!
Roger Kettyls
Don is a very helpful mentor for Apple software and has an eye for detail with his very polished video tutorials. I respect his opinion on reccomended solutions and like to think he saves me money by trying out stuff before I do.
Ezra Engle
I really have learned so much from the ScreenCasts videos. I like the way I can go back and re-listen and review as I learn.
Anne Davis
Great lessons on how to use features of the Mac, iPhone, iPod and related software. I enjoy learning about 3rd party software and hardware like the Drobo and how to use it.
Dennis Ryen
I often watch screen casts on my apple TV at night before going to bed.  The screencasts are very professionally done and easy to follow.  It's a great way to learn and become more aware of all the potential your Mac has!
Claire Gordon
I really enjoy learning about using these applications, and your infectious enthusiasm for it all.
Richard Smith

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