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In this video, Lee covers a utility that will help keep your grammar and spelling in check when writing.

Grammarly is a cloud-based service with apps available on most platforms. You learn how to install the Grammarly keyboard for iOS, correct basic spelling and grammar, as well as use this great utility with an external keyboard. Lee also shows you the various pricing options.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation
  • Using Grammarly
  • External Keyboard
  • Grammarly Pricing

App Store Links:

Grammarly for iOS App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

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Tim Stringer

Thanks to Lee for a great video!

A tip to pass along. It turns out that it's possible to access the Grammarly keyboard without disconnecting the Smart Keyboard.

The simplest method I've found is to hold down the Control and press the space bar until the Grammarly keyboard is selected. I've found that the on-screen keyboard doesn't show up once selected, but can be revealed by holding down the "V" button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

The Grammarly keyboard can be dismissed by tapping on the key in the lower-right corner of Grammarly's on-screen keyboard (which is currently blank for me).

On a side note, it's possible to type on the Smart Keyboard even when there's an onscreen keyboard. So, I can make changes using the Smart Keyboard while continuing to have Grammarly keep an eye on things. You may find it's necessary to tap on the green "G" button to kick off a spelling/grammar check.

Lastly, this technique (or something similar) should also work on other keyboards, including Bluetooth ones. I've heard that the Brydge keyboard functions differently (in a good way) when pressing Control + spacebar, but I've never tried it in person.

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