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If you find yourself having to teach friends, family, or co-workers how to perform functions on their computer, you know how powerful sending screenshots can be. We have a lot of options for taking and annotating those, but when you need multiple screenshots to explain a longer process, a specialized tool might be in order. In this tutorial Allison shows you a dedicated program on the Mac (and PC) called Folge. You learn how to create guides using screenshots and an exhaustive collection of tools to enhance your instructions. Once your guide is complete, Allison shows you the different export formats, including her favorite, Rich HTML.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Opening Screen & My Guides [00:02:32]
  • Creating Our First Guide [00:05:03]
  • Capturing Screen [00:06:09]
  • Interface Layout [00:08:42]
  • Step Properties [00:11:05]
  • Changing Settings for Screenshots [00:13:58]
  • Geometry Annotations [00:17:14]
  • Move Objects with Arrow Keys [00:20:36]
  • Step Numbers [00:21:53]
  • Step Image Actions [00:27:06]
  • Indent Thumbnails [00:27:43]
  • Import Backed Up Guide [00:28:14]
  • Export Guide [00:28:55]
  • Export PDF Options [00:31:16]
  • Shortcuts List [00:35:30]

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Video Tutorial Comments

(7 comments posted)

Justin Kahn

Is this like Clarify?

Allison Sheridan

It solves the exact problem Clarify solved. Clarify was discontinued a few years ago. Folge is the only app I know of that fills the void left by Clarify. It’s a very different UI but creates tutorial step guides that are beautiful.


Justin Kahn

Thank you.

Andrew Darlow

Outstanding tutorial, Allison! It reminds me why I've been subscribing to SCO for many years! You didn't mention video. I wonder if there is a way to embed video content, even if it is done after export. I am guessing that by exporting to PowerPoint, pasting in videos in between tutorial pages will be possible, but please let me know if you have a chance.

I also wonder if all the text will be editable in Powerpoint after exporting.

Thanks again! -Andrew


Allison Sheridan

Andrew - thank you for the kind words! Yes, you can embed video! Go to around 13:27 in the tutorial and you'll see a very quick mention of how you can embed video. Enjoy!

Mickey Tee

I enjoyed the presentation... so much so, I went out and bought the app straight away!!

Sadly, I'm very disappointed in my own experience of using the app. (Post purchase).

Very 'basic' things (available in Preview) e.g. being able to 'bend' an arrow.... are not available in Folge... (unless I'm wrong?).... I couldn't find a way at least...

But also, I became very frustrated with Text entry onto screenshots using Folge... so far as I can tell, there doesn't even appear to be a way to 'centre' justify my text? This is a deal breaker for me... it appears there are very limited options with entering text based boxes onto a screenshot using Folge.

I went back to Preview and did all the things I couldn't do in Folge..... and then went back to Folge to add in the step by step guide - then export to PDF using Folge.... I do like the export as one document though. So, the program is not a total write off.

Still, I had to open my PDF and use PDFpen to trim down the screenshots and instructions (post Folge export) because there was far too much 'white' (open space) on my PDF page... trimming down the images tightened the whole thing up....

It's a pity I can't post screenshots here.... to offer up my examples.


Allison Sheridan

Mickey - I understand there are two things you feel are missing in Folge. Remember I said that Oleksii is one of the most responsive developers I've ever worked with? I highly encourage you to ask him to implement curved arrows and a way to center text on images. He loves feedback, even the constructive criticism kind, and will try to make the tool better because of your feedback. Write to him at [email protected]. I agree, centered text and bendy arrows would be nice enhancements!

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