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Two applications to cover this week, both dealing with video encoding but each with a slightly different emphasis:

  • HandBrake Batch - A new GUI which allows you encode your videos in Handbrake using batch mode via drag and drop.
  • iVI Video Encoder - A really simple application to encode and add metadata to your movies, TV Show and Home Movies, but with some extra features. Multi-core support for fast encoding plus the option of creating dual SD And HD movies in iTunes for support for all your Apple devices

HandBrake Batch - HandBrake is the fantastic, free video encoding application but it's let down in one area and that's limited support for batch encoding. It's great if you just want to encode a single file or even a couple, but what if you have a folder full? I covered using AppleScript in episode 290, but that's a little bit fiddly for some people, and not ideal for just encoding a batch of files "on the fly" That's where HandBrake Batch comes in!

HandBrake Batch is a simple user Interface for HandBrake that allows you to encode a batch of files via drag and drop. Just drag the folder across to HandBrake Batch, select the preset, select the destination and press OK. HandBrake batch will process all the files with no further interaction

iVI Video Encoder - iVI is a utility that converts your video files into iTunes compliant format and imports them directly into iTunes. I've covered a similar application to iVI before and that's iFlicks back in episode 288. iFlicks is great but didn't support encoding using all the multiple cores on my Mac. To speed up the process, I ended up encoding in Handbrake and then using iFlicks to "flatten" the file and add the metadata.

Well with iVI, it does both! With full support for my multiple cores, iVI will blast through the encoding and add the metadata in a single process. It supports Movies and TV Shows and even allows you to transfer and encode you AVCHD home movie files off your camcorder.

If you have a mixture of Apple playback devices such as new Apple TVs/iPhone 4's and older iPhones or iPads, iVI will also allow you to create a "dual" version on a file that appears once in iTunes (with a SD/HD) label but is in fact, two files - one formatted for HD and one formatted for SD. Selection is automatic depending on which device you are syncing with iTunes - pretty neat!

iVI also has a whole host of features to allow you to setup automation of your video encoding and import into iTunes, either scheduled or on-demand.

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