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Due to recent changes to Twitter, many people have started looking for alternative social media platforms. The one that looks to be the most popular is Mastodon. In this introduction, Don takes you through the basic structure of Mastodon, how to set it up and use its standard features. You also learn how to discover people to follow and configure your notifications, so you get the most out of your experience.

Update - Since this tutorial was published, we have introduced our Mastodon instance for ScreenCastsOnline members. You can learn more about this new service by watching the Mastodon Update tutorial or accessing your membership dashboard.

The full tutorial covers

  • Terminology & Concepts [00:01:12]
  • Getting Started [00:02:33]
  • Selecting a Mastodon Instance [00:07:18]
  • Following People [00:11:39]
  • Posting on Mastodon [00:16:49]
  • Reading Posts [00:20:18]
  • Direct Messages [00:21:49]
  • Notifications [00:25:09]
  • Editing Your Profile [00:26:18]

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