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If you're like me, email is an essential part of my day to day activity and I really need to keep on top of the vast volume of email that flows in every day from friends, colleagues and business associates.

If you're an organised person, you may already have a system in place that handles your email effectively along with all the other sources of information that we need to manage each day. If you're a productivity ninja, you may already have a fully blown ""Getting Things Done"" or GTD system in place allowing you to be the master of all your information and live in a permanent state of nirvana! More than likely, you may still be looking for the best solution to fit your needs!

Over the next couple of months, I'll be covering some of the top GTD applications for the Mac, but it's possible that you may not need an extra layer of complexity if you can just get on top of using your email. That's where this weeks show comes in, and introduces you to MailTags, a great plugin for Apples Mail application.

Mailtags allows you to tag your individual emails with additional information such as as keywords, project, reminders, colours and notes. It also allows you to directly integrate your emails with iCal using to dos and events. Once you've tagged and classified your emails, Mailtags then allows you to organise and retrieve your emails in many different ways such as enhanced mailbox list views, smart mailboxes and spotlight searches.

This show takes you through:

  • Introduction to MailTags
  • Installation & Setup
  • MailTags Configuration
  • Tagging Using MailTags
  • Keywords & Project Tags
  • Tickler Dates & Priority
  • Message Colour
  • To Dos & Events
  • MailTag Notes
  • Accessing Your Mail Using MailTags
  • MailTags List View
  • Searching Using MailTags
  • MailTags and Smart Mailboxes
  • Example Smart Maiboxes
  • Tagging using Rules

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